Better Late Than Never

Ok…so it’s been over 2 months (78 days to be exact) since I landed in London from Nashville, Tennessee (USA), and I am just now blogging about my London adventures <sigh>.  As stated in the about page, I am not only living in London and soaking up memories, but I am also studying for my MBA.  Life for me requires balance; a little of this and a little of that.  Right now, that balance for me is a little bit of studying with a little bit of London life.  One of my hobbies, aside from painting which I’m not sure I will get to do much of in my year here, is photography.  Yes…it’s only a hobby.  I don’t think I am wired to sell my photos or sell anything for that matter.  I just enjoy capturing the little things (and big from time to time).  This blog will mostly be shots that I have taken around London, but occasionally some from other places.   I will also add some thoughts/loves/frustrations/tips having to do with London.  As for now, here is a shot of Tower Bridge when I visited London in August 2011.  Every now and then I have to pinch myself to make sure I am really here, or I can just take a trip to Tower Bridge to put it all in perspective.

Tower Bridge b


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