Old Churches

I love old architecture, especially old churches.  When I think about old buildings back home, they don’t hold a candle to those in England.  I have found myself wandering, aimlessly, through London many times, and just about each time I stumble across on old church.  Somehow, within this hectic city, peace can be found within the grounds of a church.  It’s almost as though the street sounds are muffled and a sense of calmness rushes through you.  These are some shots taken from my first week here in September.

301453_4774561401485_1861878136_n b

From iPhone

376481_4774561081477_1197162306_n b

From iPhone

383452_4774559881447_1778133027_n b

From iPhone

561513_4774557401385_789519739_n b

230567_4765202647522_1751594812_n b

From iPhone

539289_4774558161404_802677751_n b

541976_4765203847552_1347176523_n b

485752_4774557801395_1735635098_n b

420822_4774558841421_1771634387_n b


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